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Lili, The Settlement Agent

Wow my first ever blog....

Feelings right now are nervous and excited wondering how many spelling errors there will be.

Hi my name is Lili and I thought I would write a blog to help people buying their home to provide them with some helpful tips and what to look out for.

Buying a new home is quite exciting, but can also be very stressful and scary as it's a big step in your life and investing your hard earned savings.

I remember when I purchased my first home in my early twenties I took advice from my father. He said ‘Lili you need to save for a deposit and buy a house’. To understand my Dad all I can say is he comes for an European background and he is old school. My first thoughts of house buying was What???? buy a house, well I can tell you that I was not interested in that as I wanted to go out with my friends, party and travel the world.

How life turned out differently I ended up buying a house, having a mortgage and thinking this is all my Dad's fault ha-ha - funny how we humans like to blame other people.

Now in my mid-forties I think about my choices in life and buying a house was not a bad mistake (compared to some other bad choices I’ve made). It made me understand how to save and that I needed to save for the dreaded mortgage payments that came every fortnight.

Well I think this is enough for my first ever blog (not to mention that my fingers are tired) and also that it is time for me to watch Bold and Beautiful ha .......

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